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Maccabi Youth Games Medals

First Name Last Name Results Medal
Eric Katz Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Joshua Brodkin Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Josh Katz Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Jared Berenthal Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Slaide Naturman Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Leib Roth Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Jacob Shufro Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Noah Balsam Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Jake Selden Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Charles Modlin Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Jake Boden Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Martin Kaplan Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Sam Bock Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Ethan Patterson Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Daniel Levine Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Dylan Schnitzer Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Robert Starensier Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Joseph Milberg Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Nicholas Meng Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Jacob Statman Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Jake Horne Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Jordan Weisner Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
David Miller Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Matthew Vogel Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Mark Henshon Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Zachary Schwartz Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Eli Einisman Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Jack Fox-Wiviott Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Aaron Kreithen Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Matthew Levy Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Benjamin Platt Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Tyler Davis Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Liam Grossman Youth Baseball-Men’s Gold
Troy Modlin Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Joseph Solomon Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Ryan Grace Youth Baseball-Men’s Silver
Tal Breiman Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Adam Buckler Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Miles Backer Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Evan Flaks Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Henry Glickman Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Moses Weintraub Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Simon Linowes Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Steven Gittleman Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Maxwell Hattem Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Karen Gordon Youth Basketball-Women’s Silver
Noa Fisher Youth Basketball-Women’s Silver
Simone Amkraut Youth Basketball-Women’s Silver
Leah Minsky Youth Basketball-Women’s Silver
Dylan Manger Youth Basketball-Women’s Silver
Emily Rose Youth Basketball-Women’s Silver
Abbey Weltman Youth Basketball-Women’s Silver
Sophie Levitt Youth Basketball-Women’s Silver
Alexis Fields Youth Basketball-Women’s Silver
Rebecca Lewis Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Samantha Edelman Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Alexa Goldberg Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Olivia Roth Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Leah Finkelman Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Amy Lederer Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Jacqueline Lew Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Michelle Lew Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Abby Schwartz Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Maya Pellegrini Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Rebecca Schulman Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Zoe Weene Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Anya Weinrieb Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Natasha Friedman Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Victoria Varkonyi Youth Soccer-Women’s Gold
Matthew Bernstein Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Reeve Bernstein Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Gahl Alma Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Zoe Bartholf Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Maya Lesack Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Hannah Lipskar Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Hannah Margolis Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Arielle Roth Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Olivia Kurtz Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Samantha Adler Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Dina Wald-Margolis Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Talia Wigder Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Ava Black Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Ryan Silberfein Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Samantha Bressler Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Annalie Guzzo Youth Soccer-Women’s Silver
Bryan Lewis Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Jessica Brandsdorfer Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Jayna Kramsky Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Emily Talkow Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Steven Silverstein Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Lindsey Lewis Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Amber Nero Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Jordan Nero Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Sydney Silverstein Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Ashley Friedman Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Ayelet Prottas Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Blake Landow Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Camille Yoels Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Isabel Warshaw Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Jamie Kornheiser Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Arielle Klein Youth Softball-Women’s Gold
Zachary Small Youth Volleyball- Men’s Bronze
Jacob Wittenberg Youth Volleyball- Men’s Bronze
Rachel Kohn Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Omri Ganzarski Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Elyse McKinney Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Ariel Melumad Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Sharon Yudes Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Julia Lotzkar Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Tessa Pearlstein Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Bronte Mark Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Mayah Fenten Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Anna Voskoboynik Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Iszabel Cohen Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
Hannah Glick Youth Volleyball- Women’s Bronze
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