U16 (birth years 2006-2007)
U18 (birth years 2004-2005)
Open (birth year 2003 or older)
Masters 35+ (birth year 1987 or older)
Masters 45+ (birth year 1977 or older)


U16 (birth years 2006-2007)
U18 (birth years 2004-2005)
Open (birth year 2003 or older)

Overall Basketball Commissioner:
Brian Seitz,

Overall Women’s Basketball Chair:
Donna Orender,

U16 Boys’ Basketball Chair:
Barry Kleiman,

U16 and U18 Girls’ Basketball Chair:
Brian Schiff,

U18 Men’s Basketball Co-Chairs:
Mitchell Kurtz,
Steve Gittleman,

Open Men’s Basketball Co-Chairs:
Jake Rauchbach, 
Josh Schachter,

Open Women’s Basketball Chair:
Michael Fishman, 

Masters Basketball Chair:
Howard Levy,

U16 Boys’ Head Coach:
Michael Weinstein
U16 Boys’ Assistant Coach:
Jonathan Tramer

U16 Girls’ Co-Head Coaches:
David Weinstein
Leah Matusow

U18 Boys’ Head Coach:
Matthew  Malc
U18 Boys’ Assistant Coaches:
Michael Greenman
Matthew Elkin

U18 Men’s 3V3 Head Coach:
Ben Tanoff

U18 Girls’ Head Coach:
Ellen Mager
U18 Girls’ Assistant Coach:
Debra Levy

Open Men’s Head Coaches:
Scott Greenman
Doug Gottlieb
Open Men’s Assistant Coaches:
Skye Ettin
Mike Sotsky

Open Men’s 3V3 Head Coach:
Mike Shapiro

Open Women’s Head Coach:
Sherry Levin

Open Women’s Assistant Coach:
Monica Armstrong

Open Women’s 3V3 Head Coach:
Christina Batastini

Masters Men’s 35+ Head Coach:
Josh Kahane

Masters Men’s 45+ Head Coach:
Glen Coblens

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