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The game of golf has always played a major role in Ben Feld’s life. As an undergraduate student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Ben captained the Golf team for two seasons as part of a four-year career.  Nowadays, he is in his third year as the Assistant Golf Coach at Drexel, a role some could say prepared Ben to shoot the tournament of his life at the 2015 European Maccabi Games.


As the 2015 European Maccabi Games approached, Ben was unsure what to expect. Although he had played in various professional and amateur tournaments throughout his career, he had yet to play in one outside of the United States.  On top of that, this would be Ben’s first time representing Maccabi USA.  That didn’t stop him from turning in the greatest Golf performance in International Maccabi Games history.  With a first round 65, Ben never looked back, scoring below 70 throughout the tournament. After all was said and done, Ben had shot 15-under par, breaking the all-time International Maccabi Games golf scoring record, as well as recording the lowest single round score in International Maccabi Games history with his 65 in the first.


After such a fantastic performance, one would expect that his successes on the course would be his favorite memory from his experience.  With Ben, that is not the case. “The most memorable part of my Maccabi USA experience would have to be the Opening Ceremony,” recalls Ben. “Ten thousand Jews, congregating in Berlin, given the city’s obvious history, was nothing short of extraordinarily powerful.”


At competitive golf tournaments, it is unusual for opposing golfers to actively support their opponent.  Once it was clear that Ben was in the midst of a special run, many golfers began rooting for him, none more than the Masters Golfers from Great Britain.  “I was fortunate to make many friendships and bonds,” said Ben. “I have even been invited over the pond whenever I please to play some golf!”


Ben continues to golf competitively, and hopes to continue golfing as a part of Maccabi USA. “Do everything in your power to make this opportunity a reality,” advises Ben.  “Words can’t describe how special of an experience the Maccabi Games are as a whole.”



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