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Philadelphia, PA, July 2 – Both Bulgaria and Romania are dealing with major financial issues and their Teams, scheduled to participate in the 19th Maccabiah Games later this month, were at risk of not being able to attend. The leadership of Maccabi World Union reached out to Maccabi USA and asked for assistance in funding the participation of both these countries Teams.

The leadership of Maccabi USA immediately responded that they would raise the money to ensure that the Bulgarian and Romanian Teams are able to participate in the 19th Maccabiah, which begins in just over two weeks. The Maccabiah Games are about more than just sport, they provide elite Jewish athletes from all over the world the opportunity to convene in Israel and compete with each other, but to also connect with each other. They are about building The Jewish Team.

“Maccabi USA is well aware of our responsibility toward the Maccabi Movement, both in the areas of participation and finances,” said Ron Carner, President, Maccabi USA. “As we have done in the past, we will always be there for both the Maccabiah and the Regional events at the highest level possible.”

The highlight of this year’s Maccabiah will be the attendance of 20 new countries that have never participated in the Games, amongst them Armenia, Mongolia, El Salvador, Nicaragua and others. With Maccabi USA stepping up to provide financial support so that Bulgaria and Romania may both participate, there will be a total of 8500 athletes from 82 countries participating in the 19th World Maccabiah Games.

“When our leadership received the call that our Maccabi family in Bulgaria and Romania were at risk of not participating in the Maccabiah Games due to an imploding economy, we responded with a resounding yes,” said Robert Spivak, Chairman, Maccabi USA. “We heard loud and clear that these distressed communities had needs, and I am thrilled that once again we could be here to lend our support. Having been involved with Maccabi USA for over 30 years, I am proud that we stepped up.”

About the organization:

Maccabi USA (MUSA) is a federally-recognized not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization with an extensive history of enriching Jewish lives through athletic, cultural and educational programs.  The organization is the official sponsor of the United States Team to the World Maccabiah Games, the Pan American Maccabi Games and the Maccabi competitions in Europe and Australia, as well as a sponsor of the JCC Maccabi Games for teens in North America.  As the official Maccabi representative in the U.S., Maccabi USA supports Jewish athletic endeavors, enhanced by cultural and educational activities in the United States, Israel and throughout the Diaspora.

MUSA develops, promotes and supports international, national and regional athletic-based activities and facilities.  It strives to provide Jewish athletes the world over the opportunity to share their heritage and customs in competitive athletic settings.  MUSA supports programs that embody the Maccabi ideals of Jewish Continuity, Zionism and Excellence in Sport.  Maccabi USA Builds Jewish Pride Through Sports.

Maccabi USA has been selected by the U.S. Olympic committee as a Multi Sport Organization. The nonprofit organization becomes one of 35 MSOs nationwide to be recognized by the USOC for its ability to cultivate a national interest in sport and increase opportunities for participation internationally, nationally and at the grassroots level.

Join us at the 2025 Maccabiah in Israel (July 1-22, 2025)
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