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After excelling as a Track & Field athlete for the last 20 something years of her life, Jessica was ready for a change. A recent graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle, she knew there were more opportunities for her, besides competing.

With an idea in her head and a connection to Maccabi USA, Jessica applied for the Maccabi World Union 6-month internship and was selected to intern in the Sport Department for the 20th World Maccabiah Games this summer. The Sport Department is the beating heart of the Maccabiah Games as it works with all the different territorial organizations around the world.

Jessica’s first involvement with Maccabi USA was as a Track & Field athlete in the 19th Maccabiah Games. She credits the Games as “one of the best experiences she has ever had in her life” and is very excited for the internship opportunity to create new memories, embrace the spirituality of Israeli culture, and “discover the collectivistic community of Tel Aviv, something that is polar opposite than her home in the individualistic culture of Los Angeles,” Jessica said. Although she has a degree in psychology, Jessica is unsure of what her future career path looks like. She hopes this internship will help her “find her passion in life” and learn from the professionals around her.

The Maccabi World Union internship program allows individuals to make the vibrant city of Tel Aviv their new home, an aspect that Jessica is most excited for. Participants will also take Ulpan – Hebrew lessons so they will learn how to communicate in one of the two official languages of Israel.

The Maccabi World Union internship is split in 6 different departments: Marketing, Hospitality, Infrastructure & Logistics, Sports, IT Systems, and Transportation. Jessica will be joined by 13 other participants in the various departments to take part in supporting the infrastructure of the 20th World Maccabiah Games, the world’s 3rd largest international sporting event. Maccabi World Union hopes this opportunity will create enriching, valuable, and fun experiences for all the participants involved and establish a generation of strong leaders with deep values and motivation for the continuity of the Maccabi Movement and Israel.

To learn more about future internship opportunities in Israel, please contact Yogi Matok at


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