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Hostages Can’t Speak

The Hamas terror attack of October 7 was an unspeakable act of violence that left thousands of Israelis killed or wounded and many families without homes. During this crisis, we are proud that our Maccabi Family stepped up to support our Jewish brothers and sisters. In the true Maccabi spirit, Maccabi World Union opened its Kfar Maccabiah campus to those displaced by the violence and the global Maccabi community stepped up to help. By participating in our Israel Emergency Campaign, you sheltered those without a home, clothed children who arrived with only the clothes on their backs, and provided therapy resources for those who experienced trauma.

In late December, the Israeli government committed to funding 100% of the costs of the evacuees who are staying at the Kfar safe haven. In the 10-week gap that you helped bridge, more than 800 evacuees spent time there, 160,000+ meals were served, a school opened for 200+ children, and a new program was created to offer therapy retreats for NOVA Festival Survivors. Without your, this group would have had nowhere else to go. Instead, because of your generosity, they had an escape from the violence, a place to heal, and a community to lean on.

Maccabi organizations around the world helped to collectively raise more than $3M for this emergency campaign. Sports are undeniably one of the bonds that bring us together, but they serve the greater purpose of strengthening our connection to the global Jewish community and to Israel. Like our namesake Maccabees, the Maccabi Movement provided light in a dark time, and we thank you for helping spark the flame.

But our work is not done, and Maccabi USA is still leveraging the power of the international sports community to make sure that the release and well-being of ALL the hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza remains front and center in the hearts and minds of the entire world.

Speaking up for hostages is not political. It is humanitarian. We must bring them home. Now.


Join us at the 2025 Maccabiah in Israel (July 1-22, 2025)
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