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Philadelphia, PA June 5, 2019 – The 2019 Games Organizing Committees are pleased to announce that 19 athletes, two coaches, and one accommodations manager from Texas have been appointed as members of the USA delegation for the upcoming Pan American and European Maccabi Games which will take place in Mexico City, Mexico July 5-15, 2019, and Budapest, Hungary July 28-August 7, 2019.

The European Maccabi Games participants are Grant Bulmash of Plano, TX, Youth Basketball; Haley Herzberg of San Antonio, TX, Open Swimming; Jaya Krishnan of Houston, TX, Open Field Hockey; and Gabrielle Kupferman of Houston, TX, Juniors Basketball.

The Pan American Maccabi Games participants are Martin Appelbaum of Sugar Land, TX, Masters Basketball; Eric Barvin of Houston, TX, Masters Basketball; Marlene Bruten of Missouri City, TX, Juniors Swimming Head Coach; Nicole Chezes of Missouri City, TX, Open Soccer; Melinda Conley of The Woodlands, TX, Masters Swimming; Jonah Eber of Dallas, TX, Youth Basketball; David Katz of Austin, TX, Masters Basketball; Noah Lack of Houston, TX, Open Basketball; Miriam Leitko of Willis, TX, Masters Swimming; Ellie Leitko of Willis, TX, Open Beach Volleyball, Open Volleyball; Helena Lewis of Austin, TX, Juniors Soccer; Jason Prager of Frisco, TX, Juniors Basketball; Benjamin Rael of Dallas, TX, Juniors Basketball; Michael Rubenstein of Houston, TX, Masters Basketball; Eliane Silberman of McAllen, TX, Juniors Volleyball; Rebecca Weiss of Rockwall, TX, Juniors Swimming; Alan Yancelson of San Antonio, TX, Accommodations Manager; and David Zimmerman of Plano, TX, Juniors Boys’ Basketball Assistant Coach.

Maccabi USA builds Jewish pride through sports, generating the emotional intensity, high ideals, and powerful camaraderie of competition. We connect athletes, volunteers, and supporters with the global Jewish community. Our athletic, educational, and cultural experiences build Jewish identity, perpetuate Jewish continuity worldwide, and strengthen support for the State of Israel.

The Magic of Maccabi combines a passion of Israel and athletics. The team members are excited to be part of the USA delegation heading to Mexico City and Budapest this summer for the 2019 Regional Games.

For more information on how to send off our 2019 athletes, register for the send-off celebration here

Join us at the European Maccabi Youth Games in London (July 28-August 6, 2024)
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