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Ilan Naibryf Memorial Scholarship Fund

“Some people are so impactful, they do in 20 years what others can’t even do in 80.  That is Ilan.”
— Joshua Pransky, 2017 Maccabiah Youth Soccer Coach

Legacy: The Ilan Naibryf Memorial Scholarship Fund was established within the Stuart Weitzman Scholarship Fund to cement Ilan’s legacy as a standout athlete and representative of Maccabi USA. While his life was cut tragically short, his impact is still felt by those lucky enough to have known him, including teammates, coaches, and our Maccabi Family.

Purpose: Ilan’s Fund provides financial aid to U-16 and U-18 athletes who cannot afford the life-changing Maccabiah experience that so greatly impacted him. Held once every four years in Israel, it is the largest global gathering of Diaspora Jewry with more than 10,000 athletes participating from 70 countries. In addition to two weeks of competition, there is also a week of educational travel that helps connect our athletes to their Jewish identity, each other, and Israel.

Origin: This fund was established in 2022 by Justine Stamen Arrillaga and John Arrillaga in memory of Ilan, who they admired greatly. Ilan coached their son Finn (Maccabi USA swimmer) in youth soccer in Hawaii.

Support: If you would like to support Ilan’s legacy through this transformational Jewish experience, please DONATE ONLINE HERE or use the link below–just make sure to write “Naibryf Fund” in the Gift Notes box. All scholarship recipients–even those 120 years from now and beyond–will learn about Ilan’s life and better understand what it means to be a Jewish athlete and proud member of our community.

If you prefer to send a check, please write “Stuart Weitzman Scholarship Fund–Ilan Naibryf” in the memo line and mail to:

Endowment Fund of Maccabi USA
1511 Walnut Street, Suite 401
Philadelphia, PA 19102

If you have questions or want to contribute in any other ways, including through donor-advised funds, securities/stock gifts, or wire transfers, please contact Danny Sirdofsky, Development Manager, at The Endowment Fund of Maccabi USA’s EIN Tax ID is: 26-0043932.



A Coach Remembers His Player

“Our U-18 soccer team at the 2017 Maccabiah was a group of genuinely good kids bonding and becoming something so much more.  Everyone had their roles.  The serious guys, the jokers, the fashionistas, the razor sharp smart guys, the motivators, the DJs, the where should we eat guys, the put on Teffilin and maybe you’ll score guys and many more.  Each role was special and unique.  Ilan was the glue.  He always had a smile and he spent time with everyone.  If Ilan was around, everyone could feel comfortable, even if the group wasn’t their specific clique of friends.  Oh, and he always had a backpack.  Every friend group needs a backpack guy.  That was Ilan.

We stayed in touch after Israel and I count myself blessed for having had a relationship with him.  Ever since the Surfside condo collapse that took his life, I think about him a lot.  Sometimes for no apparent reason and sometimes I’ll be in the car, stopped at a red light, and I’ll see a teenager with a backpack.  I’ll think of Ilan, get a knot in my stomach and tear up.

He was truly special and it is remarkable how massive his impact continues to reverberate.  Some people are so impactful, they do in 20 years what others can’t even do in 80.  That is Ilan.”

— Joshua Pransky, 2017 Maccabiah Youth Soccer Coach

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